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ambitions of the brand is to propose always something new, surprising and unexpected garments. collections have a strong image, which contribuates to develop and affirm the brand's identity. It's always inspired by sportwear that you can find in the multiplication of pieces, and soon, the brand will developp new fabrics with new aesthetic proprieties.


The goal is to create a community of people  who want to be different and who struggles for its good opinion because collection systematically has a committed speech. The brand is for people who want to push the barrier, who are not afraid to wear something that we never saw. It's for people who assume who they are.


akene is open for a collaboration in music video or movie in order to join other field to fashion, like dance, cinema, theatre etc .. The name Akene provides from the plants, which is vagabond and lives only where conditions are optimals, like the new generation which is looking for the best opportunity.


Tél : 06 37 89 12 67



Bienvenue au nouvel ambassadeur de la marque ! Nous vous répondrons dès que possible.

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